As recognition of humanitarian work, the Melvin Jones Fellowship is an honor presented to those who show exemplary service.  A $1,000 Melvin Jones Fellowship was awarded to Danielle Franklin for her service as President of Ojai Valley Lions Club for the past 2 years. She left an amazing presidential legacy at OVLC and continues to be a valued member of OVLC.  Congratulations Danielle!

MJF Facts

  • The Fellowship was established in 1973 and the Progressive program began in 1986 in response to Lions’ request for a way to extend their commitment to LCIF.
  • Donations through MJFs provide 75 percent of the Foundation’s annual revenue.
  • There are 54 levels in the PMJF program.
  • As of January 2016, there are 386,804 MJF recipients and 75,067 PMJF recipients worldwide.
  • All MJFs are invited to the annual luncheon held at the convention (ticket purchase required). The MJF luncheon began in 1984 and has been held at each convention since then.
  • The names of MJFs are displayed on a computer in the LCIF Room at the International Headquarters.