The September 2017 edition of the LION MAGAZINE highlights a comparison of Beast vs. Human. Under the Moniker heading for the beast is ”lion: King of the Jungle” and for the human side is “Lion: We Serve. It’s better to serve, than be served. Better to be a servant than a king”. On a hot weekend at the end of August five local Lions fulfilled the “We Serve” motto by stepping in to help a local resident.

President Bridget Fabbian had received an email request about an elderly senior citizen who broke her foot in two places and who was now in a wheelchair living in her mobile home in the Ojai Valley. This resident was is in need of a ramp that would allow her to come and go since going down steps was no longer a possibility. Member Dave Hunt, a contractor by trade and a Charter Member of the club in 2007, took the lead on this project and put together a crew to build the ramp. Dave drew up the plans, determined the materials needed and one of the members was given the task of purchasing the supplies.

On a warm Saturday at 8 AM the crew gathered at the mobile home park to build the ramp. Soon Paul Achee, Mark Crookston, Rick Side and Jeff Stone began their tasks that Dave assigned them. Tape measures appeared, the saw was buzzing, and everyone was getting involved. Member Greg Romney also showed up to lend a hand if needed. As the ramp began to take shape, President Bridget brought the crew sandwiches for a lunch break and by 2 in the afternoon the resident had a way to get in and out of her house in a wheelchair.

Of the 1.4 million Lions club members who reside in in more than 200 nations and geographic areas, this Ojai Valley resident was grateful for the work of these five local members. Look for more Lions on Ojai Day as the club will again sponsor musical entertainment (this year on Montgomery Street) all day and into the evening, and on Ojai Avenue in late November into mid December when the Christmas trees arrive from Oregon. To learn more about the club, visit the website at ojaivalleylionsclub.com or contact President Bridget at ovllvolunteer4fun@yahoo.com.